Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Ezekiel 20:1-22

Why are we so rebellious? Usually it's because we think we know what's best. If only we could be more trusting of God and know that He is the only one who knows what is Best. I am a person who likes to be in control so this is a hard one for me. I am so thankful that God is patient with me and never leaves me. I am able to give the Lord control over my life now because I can see all the things that have happened in my life and that he was in charge of all of them and they turned out for the best. Israel was so rebellious thinking they knew what was best, I can relate. Often times when we are being led by others, do we not question them? I think that it is normal to question things and doubt, but that is where faith comes in. We can build faith by reading his word, worshiping Him, and giving our lives to him. When we rebel from God we will be punished and should be the same as when a child rebels from us they should be punished, it is used to teach a lesson. God teaches us just as we teach our children, because we are his children. I am so thankful that he has love for us no matter what we do just like we do for our children.

Keeping the Sabbath-Oh how I love Sunday's! I am so thankful for such a wonderful church family. We do things as a family on Sunday's. I know it is hard not to work on the Sabbath because often people work all week and we have things we need to get done. I try really hard to get all my errands etc. done on Saturday that way Sunday is just for worship, family, and rest. We are always so busy in our lives. God gave us the Sabbath as a way of telling us to rest and give him the day(he even made it a law). What a wonderful God who knows exactly what we need. 

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  1. Thankful you figured out how to get back on your blog! I so relate to your releasing control to Him - like we ever are really in control! You would think our faith would be even deeper when looking back we see how His way works everytime and our way...........well.

    Looking forward to spending more time with you in blogville!!!! Love you Gina - precious sister of mine.