Thursday, June 21, 2012

Amos 1:1-6:14

As I start reading these verses I am reminded that we must be faithful or we will be punished. The way he lays it out in terms of 3 and 4 sins mean they did it again and again. Why do we do that? I think alot of times we sin and then that leads to another sin and so on, until eventually we have lost our way and our guilt builds until we feel unworthy and that can lead us away from God. When we need to do the opposite of that. We must stop ourselves drop on our knees and pray for God to forgive us. Then we must move on and not continue to punish ourselves by sinning.
Amos spoke against those who explited or ignored the needy. We must always be conscious of those around us. The devil likes to turn our eyes away from those in need and keep us occupied by our own wants and desires. God calls us to work against injustices in society and to aid those less fortunate.
Amos shows us through examples in 3:3 that God's revelation to him was the sure sign that judgment would follow. Verse 3:7 tells us that even in anger God is merciful he always warned his people through profits before punishing them. Just like when we punish our children they have been warned just as we are warned not to sin, and then the punishment will surely follow and we only have ourselves to blame. His warnings to us shows us his mercy. Even though he keeps warning us we still continue to sin. When he tells us over and over all we must to is seek him. How we treat the poor shows our true character. In chaper 6 he talks to us about being complacent. It's easy to become complacent when we live in luxury. It makes us think we are secure, but we are not. We must use what we have to help the poor in order to keep from becoming complacent. I know it is hard for some people to give what they have they feel they worked so hard for it and it's theirs. You would not have it if it weren't for the Lord. We must remember that we too may fall on hard times and that we would want others to help us.

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  1. It is easier to give when I focus on the fact that I own nothing. He does - I'm just a steward. I do struggle with feeling mercy towards those who "milk" the system, feel entitled rather than wanting to work, lack of intigrity, etc. Those that I see want to better their situation, it's easy to give time, money, etc. to. Thankful that He is more merciful towards me and my faults than I am towards others! I am still a work in progress!!! Enjoying your thoughts!