Monday, June 18, 2012


Hello to all who come to my blog. My name is Gina. I started this blog so I could grow and learn through studing God's word. I like to read the word and then try and simplify it down and apply it to my life. I would love it if you would travel on this journey with me and we can grow together. Please comment if you have something to share. I will be using the Life Application Bible(NIV). I also have other great resources from which I pull and study. One thing I am reading right now is "The Story" by Max Lucado and Randy Frazee it is a wonderful book that tells the true "Story" of the Bible and God's people in one continuous story. I would highly recommend it if you are wanting an easy way to read and learn about God and his people. I love my church family and have learned so much from them. During one of our Sunday School studies I came across a book that completely changed my life and I got a better understanding of the life I should be living and what it looks like to live for God. That book is "Crazy Love" by Francis Chan.
I would like to tell you a little about myself. I was not brought up in the church. We visited a lot of different ones while I was growing up. I was taught a lot of things about being a good person and helping others. I have two wonderful parents, but was never taught to read the Bible or apply it to my life. I am just now learning what it means to Live in the word and Live by the Spirit. I have a wonderful husband who doesn't come to church with me, but whom I pray for daily. I was not able to have kids, but thanks to God, I was able to adopt a wonderful son, Joshua. I will share more about these things as I blog, because as I said before I like to simplify things and relate them to my life. I believe we need to pull things from our lives in order to grow. We also need to stop and pray about things and really examine things and then we can see God's work in our Life.
I live my life to serve a awesome God. I live for the day when I hear those words "Well done my good and faithful servant"! So hear we go on our Harvest of the Truth!

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  1. so excited to share this journey with you, my sister!